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Driving in Mentor, OH includes hot, muggy summers and snowstorms in the winter. That also means that it’s only a matter of time before every driver will need tow truck services.

However, not all Lake County towing companies provide the same level of quality or the variety of service options as Mentor Towing does every day. We ensure that whatever your vehicle needs to get off the road, we’ll provide it all for less.

More are drivers know that they can depend on us for any emergency that you can experience while driving on State Route 2, along the lake, and anywhere in between. From towing services provided 24-hours of every day to fast and efficient roadside assistance solutions, our drivers remain at the ready for you each time.

Other companies charge premium pricing to arrive with a truck, and it might not even be the right towing vehicle for your specific car model. Or, they may take forever to reach you at your location because they drive from downtown Cleveland.

Instead, we remain the trusted local choice in complete towing solutions. When you need to ensure that you’re getting home safely, you need our drivers today.

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Towing In Mentor, OH

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Mentor Towing Services

When most drivers think of towing services, they likely only envision someone with a hauling truck. However, we go beyond your typical Mentor towing services with more solutions to any situation you might encounter.

In addition to towing services offered all day, every day, we have roadside assistance options to choose as well. Whether you can’t start your vehicle or get inside of it, we can help you get back home faster.

Our experienced service technicians have the repair knowledge you need for safer battery jumps, changing out flat tires, and more. And because we are your local towing team, we can arrive at your location faster than anyone else around.

We do our best to guarantee that you receive the services that work best for you and not our bottom line. Our focus remains doing what’s right for our customers, and it’s why we continue to be the trusted choice.

You can always call on us to deliver you the lowest priced towing possible on all our towing services. We want you to call with confidence without worrying about the cost.

When you need a higher quality of towing, call us for better drivers and more services.

Towing Service, Mentor, OH
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Calling us means never needing to worry about problems with your vehicle again. We provide everything that you need to get back behind the wheel faster, with around the clock towing and roadside assistance services.

Whenever you experience car trouble, call us, and we’ll be there quickly. We can best assist you with any situation with:

24-Hour Towing

Car trouble doesn’t just happen during rush hour. Call us 24-hours every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Vehicle Lock Outs

Skip the expensive vehicle locksmith and save more with our drivers today.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Even if you don’t need hauling services, we can still help you.

Fuel Delivery

When you’re out of gas and don’t know what to do, call us.

Dead Battery Jumps

A dead battery can happen anytime. We have the experience to get you back on the road quickly!

Flat Tires

We can change your flat and replace it with a spare on site.

Towing Company Mentor

For the typical person, a situation where they need a tow truck is almost always a stressful event. Whether they don’t know where exactly they had broken down or they aren’t aware of local towing companies, it can soon feel hopeless.

However, more area drivers know that when they need the best in local Mentor towing, we go beyond your expectations on every call. In addition to providing you with a timely service arrival, we also offer a variety of options to solve your needs fast.

Whether you’re trying to search for a “tow truck near me” and can’t find a signal or you just need help changing out a flat tire, we will always be there for you. We provide all of our services 24-hours of every day, making sure that someone is always looking out for you.

You may discover that your vehicle insurance provider will cover your tow or roadside assistance needs, meaning you might not pay anything out of your pocket. No one else offers a better quality of service or affordable rates than our team does daily.

Mentor Towing

Why Choose Us?

We’ve all seen the stereotypical tow driver character in movies or on TV. They’re usually gruff, gross, and ready to rip you off.

Unfortunately, for many residents, they have encountered these caricatures before when they hit a pothole or had a dead battery. When you are afraid that reality will be stranger than fiction, you can rest easy knowing we only provide the best quality of service.

As your Lake County towing experts, we offer more services for less than more drivers can trust. No one takes your job more seriously than our team does on each call.

Client Testimonials
The whole team is great! Excellent management and commitment to always delivering on time, every time!
John D

Business Owner

When stranded with my kids, it was scary needing a tow. But the guys at Mentor Towing helped me with the flat tire & was great.
Marcie T


You can not ask for a better bunch of guys at Mentor Towing. They came quickly and took care of getting us back on the road!
Chris Z


It’s embarrassing when you lock your keys in the car. But John at Mentor Towing was so sweet. He got me back in my car quickly!
Samantha C.


Do you need towing services?

Whether you had a tire blow out in the middle of summer or discovered a dead battery in the middle of December, you can’t afford to wait all day for help. That is why you need to call us at the first signs of trouble for faster, more affordable service all day.

Contact us for experienced service technicians and more options than any other towing company in town. We guarantee timely arrivals for anything you need daily.

Call us at the first signs of problems for the best towing solutions around. Call Mentor Towing today at 440-472-1274, for

towing in Lake County.